Tales from the Green Side — March

Hello sports fans… March 12th we had six glider guiders show up, for three rounds of TD soaring, in our second Club-78 event. We experienced some good lift and at least I played around in some really great sink.

Clint Perkins and his Vista, smoked the competition by pulling out an excellent time and landing points, in his 5 minute round. This was in a round that saw not one of his competitors get over two and a half minutes. He almost gave up at about 2 minutes and then got into a small Read that he worked for two and a half minutes at about 100 feet. With that, and 2 full landings in other rounds, Clint won the event. Well done Clint.

Dick Chrystie flew his Sophisticated Lady to second place. Dick just killed us in the second round. This was a nearly perfect round of soaring. Dick was only one second over the target time of 4 minutes. Then he nailed the landing for the highest score of any round in the event. I, for one, really enjoyed watching Dicks round.

John Flamme and his “Fugisit”, got full landing points in the first two rounds but could not fly the third round.

Jerry Chapman (Vista), Ronnie Espolt (Vista) and I (Vista) got our plows cleaned. Better luck next time!!!

Over all, after two Club-78 contests, we have the following standings;

  1. Clint Perkins with              1726.4
  2. Rick Pearson with             1615.8                                  
  3. Ronnie Espolt with           1512.1                                  
  4. Jerry Chapman with         1258.1
  5. John Flamme with            674.2
  6. Dick Chrystie with             839.9

Remember, we’re going to have throw outs at the end of the year to determine bragging rights. So hang in there. Keep coming out and never give up!  Rick